Thursday, June 14, 2007

Richmond professionals: Check out the HYPE

I just heard about a new networking group for young Richmond professionals, ages 21 to 40ish:

Helping Young Professionals Engage (HYPE) is a new program geared towards young professionals. Its goal is to bring together young professionals (21 - 40-ish) in the Greater Richmond Region through social, educational and professional development programs and networking events.

The group is holding two events in June and one in July, according to the Web site.

HYPE is sponsored by several big businesses in Richmond, most likely to work toward retaining talented professionals so they won't go off to the "big city." I love Richmond and think that it's a great place to live and work, so hats off to the businesses to realize that they need to help young employees find their niche here.

I don't know if my schedule will permit me to attend an event anytime soon, so if you check out HYPE, let me know what you think.

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