Wednesday, May 09, 2007

On the Web: Tips and tricks

10 Dumbest Resume Blunders on Outrageous examples of what not to do. Ever!

10 Tips for Finding a New Job at This list covers all aspects of the job hunt, from knowing what you're looking for to interviewing to going through a background check to get the job. Great advice.

25 Most Difficult Job Interview Questions (and their answers) on Interviewing favors the prepared candidate, and this list will get you prepared.

5 Reasons to Send Thank You Letters After an Interview by Barbara Safani: Sending thank-you e-mails or letters to everyone you interview with will put you ahead of the pack. Job seekers often forget this simple step, so remembering it will make you stand out.

Tips for Writing Thank You Letters from This list provides several resources for jump-starting your thank-you notes.

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