Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Welcome! Are you ready to make a change?

In my professional life, the only constant has been change.

I began my career as a newspaper journalist and spent more than a decade learning to roll with changes, sometimes on an hourly basis. A year ago, I jumped into advertising, an industry that could teach journalists a thing or two about living with constant change.

This year, I'm starting my own business, one that's devoted to helping you navigate change.

In three years of studying the job market, I've learned just how much the workplace has changed since I graduated from college 12 years ago. Today's recruiters and hiring managers want to know what you have done for your employers -- and what you will do for them. Resumes need to highlight accomplishments in quantifiable terms, in order for companies to understand what you can do to enhance productivity and the company's bottom line. Interviewers ask behavioral questions to find out how you've responded to real-life work situations, in order to determine how you'll behave if you work for them. And in order to get someone to read your resume, let alone to invite you for an interview, you need to know people who can recommend your work.

In short, job hunting in the 21st century is challenging. And you deserve to have as many resources as possible to help you navigate the experience and find the job you want.

That's where Make A Change Resumes comes in.

The goal of this blog is to connect you with news, tips and information that will assist with your job hunt. My goal as the owner of Make A Change Resumes is to create a resume for you that will showcase your accomplishments and tell recruiters and hiring managers why you're the person they need to hire.

Consider me as the newest cheerleader for Team You. Let's make a change together!

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